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We provide a wide range of software solutions and services. The solutions EDBS provides enables businesses to leverage leading edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantages in today's marketplace.

High Quality

Using proven software development methodologies and universal compliance with the highest standards of quality assurance, our professional and technically advanced team guarantees the highest quality of all delivered software.

Technology Expertise

We create high quality software that precisely implements the features and functionality you require. This affords you the opportunity of owning your own software, without having to pay exorbitant license fees in return for unnecessarily complex solutions.


Customer Focused

Our success depends on a high degree of customer satisfaction. We interact continuously with our clients to understand their expectations thoroughly and to fulfill our commitments consistently.


In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

Fall seven times and stand up eight.

About Us

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What's the skinny?

EDB Systemhouse is a multi-platform software development company based in Pottstown, PA.

We apply the customer-orientated approach to the software development process. We understand that a strong and transparent relationship between developer and client is key to the successful creation of software solutions. We refrain from confining you to a specific technology. Clients play an active role in the development process and have the option at regular stages of the development cycle to modify and update their solution's requirements.

We see thte potential in other people's ideas and make a point of catering for the development of the smallest of entrepreneurial solutions. At the other end of the spectrum, our development team is experienced in larger scale enterprise-level application development aimed at servicing large quantities of users. We are able to successfully deliver each client the most efficient and comprehensive software solution.

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Pottstown, PA

Phone: 610-123-4567

Email: donb@edbsys.com

Web: https://www.edbsys.com